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Center For Career Services Federal Polytechnic Bauchi

Uplifting Careers, Impacting Futures.

News Update : Appointment of Director, Deputy Director and Administrative Secretary

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Who we Are

Our Goal

To provide support for students, graduates and staff in navigating and developing their careers.

Our Objectives

  • To provide staff and students with the requisite industrial skills that are needed in critical sectors, now and in the future, within Nigeria and beyond.
  • To design and provide our partners, collaborators and industry players with choices in career path development for students and staff career progression within the public and private realm.
  • To inculcate in our students and staff through collaborative efforts with our partners, programmes that will incorporate entrepreneurship, social skills development, emotional intelligence and mentorship for effective integration of technical skills and character to navigate through the present and future challenges.

Our Vision

To be a World-Class Centre that enriches lives positively in personal, academic and professional development so that individuals can reach the peak of their careers through creative guidance, extensive networks, rich resources, in a versatile and technologically driven environment.

Our Mission

To coach individuals achieve global competitiveness by providing customised career directions as well as to provide the compass that will guide individuals to opportunities for self-actualisation and consistent professional growth using diverse resources.

Services Offered at the Center

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Personalised Career Counselling and Guidance

We offer customised advice and guidance to help individuals understand their career interest, and carry out honest self SWOT Analysis.

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Job Search Preparation

We would endeavour to inculcate in individuals job search techniques such as resume writing, cover letter preparation, statements of goals or purpose and interview procedures and preparation.

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Building Networking Channels

We build strong (Networks)connections between students, alumni, and likely employers by organising networking events like career fairs, liaising with Women in Technical Education, Town and Gown; such linkages will be both nationally and internationally.

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Internship and Job Placements

We in tandem with our SIWES Unit, we help students get internships, job opportunities and students’ professional bodies that tally with their career directions.

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Skill Development

We carryout workshops and training sessions on relevant job soft skills like communication, leadership, public speaking techniques and other relevant skills.

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Career Resource Provision

We expose individuals to a collection of career-related resources, as well as information about industries, current job markets trends, and further educational options.

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Employer Relations

We create and maintain relationships with employers to create job and internship opportunities for students and graduates

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Alumni Support

We provide continuous career support services to alumni, plus networking opportunities, career growth, etc.

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Career and Personality Assessment Tools

We provide tools for career and personality assessment tests (PAT) to assist individuals understand self, career preferences and strengths.

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Graduate Professional School Advising

We offer guidance and resources for students considering further education, including applications and program selection.

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Involving Students in Career Services

We train student leaders in students professional associations as student counsellors and mentors (SCM).

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Career Lab

We liase with stakeholders to participate in recruitment activities and job interviews directly with employers thus helping students improve skills and understand how job selection is organised.

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Employer Presentations

We engage employers with a view to understudy the skills they require from the pool of potential employees and other professional requirements.

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Career Fair

We organise and participate with our partners a career day aimed at matching graduates with employers.

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Advisory Services

We offer relevant advice and insights to individuals or corporate organisations in order to enhance career services in the institution, and to all categories of staff as well.